Takedown: Episode17 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-7xm2x-f184fc Ya boys are back in town and have A LOT of opinions.  And you’re going to hear them whether you want to or not.  Discussions from all over the wrestling world.  We discuss WWE, AEW, women’s wrestling, Halloween Havoc, Full Gear, Mustafa Ali, MJF & Inner Circle, and so much more.  Join in onContinue reading “Takedown: Episode17 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”

Takedown: Episode 16 – Wrestling with Issues

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bruh7-ef8f62 Your boys are back and EVEN better than you remember.  John & Craig sadly return Ref-less for one more week but do what they can to stay the course.  Of course, without The Ref to control them, tangents galore happen. Sure WWE and AEW are talked about.  Including the draft, upcoming Hell in aContinue reading “Takedown: Episode 16 – Wrestling with Issues”

Takedown – Episode 15: Bashin’ the Clashin’

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-79sti-edc7f2 Your boys are back in down.  Coronavirus may try to keep us apart but they will never squash our love of wrestling, WWE does that enough for us! We have a lot to cover this week in the world of wrestling entertainment.  What WWE is doing right, all that they are doing wrong, andContinue reading “Takedown – Episode 15: Bashin’ the Clashin’”

Takedown: Episode 14 – Don’t Call it a Comeback

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bqbid-eae941 Your Triad is back. Finally!! We are so sorry to have left our fans wanting and promise to not do that again.  But we knew we had to come back strong, so we have a jam packed episode for you.  We cover multiple PPVs with Takeover 30, Summerslam, Payback, and All Out all discussed. Continue reading “Takedown: Episode 14 – Don’t Call it a Comeback”

Takedown: Episode 13 – We Do Discuss Wrestling At Some Point…We Swear

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-m6e82-e723d8 It’s been two weeks since our last episode so there is a lot to cover and discuss.  However John & Craig decide to use some time discussing unknown movies of John Morrison, which Golden Girl we each are, and how we feel about the Friends cast.  So you know, important wrestling topics.  But weContinue reading “Takedown: Episode 13 – We Do Discuss Wrestling At Some Point…We Swear”

Takedown: Episode 12 – Our Irish Buddy Rian from Hallway Wrestling Podcast Joins the Show

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z7e9z-e465b0 This is an episode that will go down in infamy folks.  Thanks to his warrior mindset of no sleep needed, Rian from the Hallway Wrestling Podcast joins the Triad this week on the show.  It was so much fun to have him on and we cover so much throughout the wrestling world.  Of courseContinue reading “Takedown: Episode 12 – Our Irish Buddy Rian from Hallway Wrestling Podcast Joins the Show”

Takedown: Episode 11 – Changing Topics is What We Do

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-kggvw-e2cbbd It’s a Craig & Jeff filled podcast for you folks as the Triad is down to a Duo this week.  But that doesn’t mean the contest is any less fun! We cover our thoughts on Fyter Fest, Great American Bash, and who won our pick ’em challenge for it all.  Which then leads toContinue reading “Takedown: Episode 11 – Changing Topics is What We Do”

30 Day Challenge – Movie Challenge

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-993bz-e1c99a Some more fun non-wrestling content for you lovely listeners.  If you all have been following us on social media, then you know exactly what this glorious episode is all about.  If you don’t follow us…what the hell is wrong with you?!?! Fix that immediately.   For the month of June we had a 30 dayContinue reading “30 Day Challenge – Movie Challenge”

Takedown: Episode 10 – Wow Wrestling. Just…Wow

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-89py6-e12f5e We could never have predicted that there would be two major events in society that would give us reason to pause our show over the past 30 days.  But with everything that came out last week, it didn’t seem the right time to talk silly wrestling.  And even this week, coming back was weird. Continue reading “Takedown: Episode 10 – Wow Wrestling. Just…Wow”

Value Meal: Florida Men

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3cfr7-dfd5ef Value Meal Where your T3 Podcast Network hosts let you join in on lunch time with them.  First off, your boys start the episode off with their lunch selections for the day, where Craig gets mercilessly gets made fun of for his.  Then they get into this week’s topic…Florida.  The Sunshine State and theContinue reading “Value Meal: Florida Men”